The company’s headquarters are located at the 21st km of Athens – Lamia Highway, were the manufacture and the assemble of the pump is taking place.

  • Company’s test bench facility the biggest in Greece, its capacity is up to 15000m3/H and the biggest pumps installed in Greece, have been tested in DP PUMPSs bench.
  • The workshop is equipped with up-to date production machines to achieve precision and high efficiency.
  • Continuous care and rigid quality control procedures ensure standard, high quality production. These procedures covers all stages of our work, starting from raw material up to delivery of the complete units.


The foundry of the company is located at the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.

  • Through the extensive knowledge of metal producing, and using modern engineering and manufacturing facilities, our castings meet high quality standards.
  • Flexibility in metal alloys production.
  • Production of most stainless steel grades.


DP PUMPS China Plant facilities have the ability of total in house production even for the biggest pumps of DP PUMPS range.

  • The workshop is equipped with production machines capable to handle very large pieces with accuracy.
  • Test bench facility located in house can cover all DP PUMPS pump types.
  • Quality control procedures as strict as in Greek Factory, ensure product of steady high quality. Procedures covers all stages of our work, starting from raw material up to delivery of the complete products.


Located just 10 Km away from the DP PUMPS China Plant the foundry of the company produces high quality castings providing DP PUMPS the ability for total quality control and the flexibility to meet short delivery demand.

  • Capability of single casting reaches 20 tons.
  • Ensured quality control by spectrum analyzer and special equipment to perform mechanical properties testing.