Press Release: 2nd Upgrade Revithousa LNG Terminal
— Revithoussa, Attica, Greece

Revithoussa, Attica, Greece

DP PUMPS supplies with Vertical Mixed Flow pumps one of the most important LNG projects in Southern Europe.

DP PUMPS Drakos Polemis proudly announces the development of the 3rd and largest liquefied natural gas tank in Revithoussa’s terminal in Greece, a major European project that received €40 million from EU cohesion policy funds and in which DP PUMPS played a crucial constructive role.

More specifically, the project included 3 vertical mixed flow pumps with the following specs: Q = 6582 m3/h, H = 55 m, 1350 kW – 740 RPM.

Last Thursday, the 22nd of November, the Greek Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Stathakis, cut the ribbon in the upgraded terminal, which is now considered a nodal gas hub in Southeast Europe, and he stated: "Revithoussa is the most precious gem in the ‘crown’ of the National Natural Gas System".

The construction of the project was carried out in two stages: The first stage included a cogeneration unit of power and heat and the second stage included the expansion of the Revithoussa terminal’s storage capacity. The construction of a third tank, the upgrading of marine facilities and the installation of new technological equipment to increase the rate of gasification, were all parts of the second stage.

As the Regional Policy Commissioner, Korina Kretsou, stated that because of this project, citizens will be able to save money on energy bills and Greece will reaffirm its position as a gateway for supplying gas to a secure and interconnected European energy market.

According to Mr. Georgios Polemis, the Vice - President of DP PUMPS: “Our company is always where progress is. We promote innovation and provide high-quality specialization in all our services.”