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EN 12845

Firefighting Sets to EN 12845


DP Pumps manufactures COMPACT Firefighting Systems covering wide range of applications such as residences, hotels, hospitals, Industries etc. All Firesystems complying to European regulations. DP PUMPS fire systems are skid mounted fire sets, pre-wired and tested at our testing facilities ready for operation.


  • Pumps must be end-suction
  • Motors coupling with pumps must be SPACER rubber coupling
  • Manufacturer of diesel engine must fulfil ΕΝ 12845 manufacturing standard consering diesel engines
  • Operaton control for each pump must be acheived with seperately control panel for each one
  • A pressure meter and two presure sensor must be fitted on suction & discharge of each pump with special dydraulic connection in order the start - stop of the system always to be secured - achieved