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We are Capable, Reliable, Sustainable

We believe in the principles of circular economy, conservation of natural resources, operational health and safety and we prove it through our practices daily.

Inspired of our social responsibility, we are using our strengths to pursue a more sustainable and fair economy for all. We focus on the sustainability regarding a healthy and invariable natural environment for the future generations.

We are based on innovative recycling solutions and careful water usages. As we bring water, we are more obliged than anyone to save it as much as possible.

For all these reasons, to mitigate climate change and approach a more socially responsible society, DP PUMPS has pledged to lower its CO2 emissions by 30% until 2030 being part of The Energy Efficient Movement since 2022. By decreasing our carbon footprint, we can contribute to the best possible quality of air and water upon which life significantly depends.

At the same time, we are continuously making efforts to optimize energy efficiency of our products through multiple engineering tests. Inspired by our eco – friendly approach we invest through our R&D dept. in concept solutions focusing on environmental design, like the safe passage of fish fauna.

We conceive sustainability as a need for immediate action in 3 axes: